It’s all happening on 11/11/11! (great number, right?)

(and then - again... on 11/26/11)

We want to celebrate with all our family and friends - those here in California, and those dispersed throughout the states and abroad!  And, because we can’t find a place big enough to fit all our loved-ones, and we realize that traveling so close to the holidays is not realistic for everyone, we’re putting together a couple of events that will give us the opportunity to toast, squeeze, high-five and celebrate with as many of our favorite people as possible.  And, that means you!

Three things you can count on:

  1. 1.Our wedding is going to match our slightly adventuresome, moderately quirky, utterly non-conventional selves.

  2. 2.All wedding festivities will be an absolute blast.

  3. 3.And, you will be among the most extraordinary people that you’ll ever meet.

We’re getting married!